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About my dogs and my breeding program.


In 1986 I moved to New Mexico from north Missouri and not realizing they had quail here I had sold my bird dogs. When I realized we had a lot of quail here I started trying to get a hold of some dogs that would work here. This country is tough on a dog as it is dry and rocky. I struggled for a few years ordering a lot of pups that did not have what it takes for this area. Here is takes a dog with a lot of nose and brains enough to use it. Plus they have to be tough to stand the heat and terrain. Also I found that a dog that works good here has to be light on its feet as a large dog that hits the ground hard does not hold up well.

Another thing I had to have was a dog that keeps track of me while hunting hard which is very difficult to find in a world where a lot of emphasis is placed on field trial bloodlines. Also I looked for dogs that would hunt dead and liked to retrieve. Add to this that I am a fanatic on a classy dog with a straight tail in the eleven to twelve o’clock range, preferably eleven thirty. Well I have finally started achieving this in the last ten years. Intelligence and nose has been a big factor in building the strain of dogs I now have. I have been very selective in the dogs I keep for breeding purposes to where now we achieve a very high percentage of our puppies making good bird dogs. The bottom line is if a dog can make it here it can go anywhere and be a bird dog.  Nuff said .



Hook's Bootlegger (Pepper) is one of the last living dogs out of old Hook which was an outstanding producer and is proving to be just as good.  I raised this dog and sold him as a pup and after seeing what he could produce was glad to get him back to breed to my select females.  He has bred Tequilla and Lozen and will be bred to Dixie when she comes in.  Pepper has an outstanding nose and is damn sure a bird finder.  As you see his mother is by Rail Dancer which made and outstanding cross on to Hook.








Doc's Dixie Fiddle
Dixie is a female I bought as a puppy about three years ago.  I bought her because she had about as much Slate Creek Doc and Fiddler in her as I could find.  She proved to be a good choice as she started very young both pointing and retrieving.  Her sire died about the time she was born so I was fortunate to get her.  She had a littermate sister that was already spoken for when I picked her up.  I was enough impressed with Dixie that I offered the man that bought the other female pup three thousand dollars for her when she was about six months old and he turned me down.  She will be bred to Hook's Bootlegger.  I had a littermate to Big Delivery that was one of the best producing females I ever had outside of old Nickie who was also out of Slate Creek Doc.  This is one of the reasons I am so high on this female.














Tequilla is one of the smartest dog’s I’ve raised. She has a lot of nose and as good a gait as a dog can have.




Lozen was named after an Apache Squaw that had a mystic way of locating the enemy for her brother, Victorio and Lozen.   My female has an uncanny way of locating quail and so the name.  She is by Troubles and my ole squaw female which was an outstanding female.  Being bred to Hook's Bootlegger should make some outstanding young bird dogs.




Nicki's White Wine
Here is one of the females in my breeding program that has produced some very outstanding puppies. She is a very attractive moving dog with a lot of point bred in her. She was a very natural retriever and loved to hunt dead which has bred on down in my dogs.  Nickies White Wine is her name and she is just like good wine the older she gets the better she gets.  Below is her Pedigree and you can see why she is such a good producer.





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