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In the picture of the headstall you will notice a single rein which is like a long roping rein. This rein is made of narrow latigo that is more repellent to water and has a wonderful feel to it.  It is connected to the left side of the bit and snaps on the right side. I really like this rein because if you drop this rein to part the brush or something while out riding you will never lose it. This rein is about eight feet long so it gives you plenty of slack if your mule needs to get his head down for some reason. There is only so many that can be cut from a hide because of its length. Once they try it most people really fall in love with this rein. It sells for $32.00 plus $5.00 S&H
Price on Head Stall only: $54.50 + $5.00 S&H



Here is a real neat crupper I have designed that has no buckles toward the back to catch the tail in and makes it stouter also.  It snaps into your crupper dee on your saddle and lets you adjust it up snug with a good roller buckle.  It is lined with latigo on the bottom side to make it stouter and more resistant to sweat.  The tail piece is seed filled to make it very soft and pliable.  Your mule will love it.  Price is $72.50 plus $8.50 S&H.



Here is a breast collar we designed for mules that fits a mule very well and looks good also.  It is made of Herman Oak skirting leather lined with lambs wool.  I designed this for old Kid, my mule.  If you have never tried a breast collar like this, you and your mule will love it as it frees him up in the neck and pulls up on his shoulders better without choking him.  Collar without tooling is  $147.00 plus $4.00 S&H.



Here is my sawbuck packsaddle that we have been building for some time and the people really like it because we use all latigo leather and mostly stainless steel hardware.  The latigo is a little more expensive bit it stands the weather a lot better especially the rain and wet weather without a lot of maintenance.  Plus, it gets very smooth around the breast and britchen area, which prevents rubbing.  It comes complete and ready to use and notice it has buckles back by the britchen for easy adjustment with a load.  Price is $450.00 plus S&H.



Here is a very nice packsaddle that is made to hang paniards on or can be used to sling a load, as the bars are smooth bronze and very stout.  The tree is rawhide covered over humane bars laced into full skirts lined with wool to make an exceptionally nice outfit.  This makes a nice saddle to use whether you are packing out an elk or carrying mantied loads or whatever. This is truly the supreme packsaddle.  Price on this one is $895.00 plus  S&H.







The Harsha mule saddle has been designed with both the mule and the rider in mind.  Years ago I had a saddle that I could ride a rank mule better than anything I had ever set in and it was comfortable.  But, it did not have a perfect tree for a mule so I decided one day to make a tree especially for a mule.  With this in mind, I took a mule to a friend of mine who builds trees and we spent about six hours designing a tree.  What we found was they have a little flatter back both ways than what a horse has.  We designed this tree to conform to the back where it should set.  At the very back of the bars, I wanted them to come up off the mules back a little so when going up hill you would not put as much pressure on the kidneys.

On a lot of mules it is necessary to use a crupper or britchen to keep the saddle in place as many of them have very little wither.  for this reason we installed a good stout D ring attached by a nylon strap to the tree itself.  This incidentally, to people not familiar with it, is where you can attach a crupper.  The reason I used nylon is because I wanted a little give in this area so when the mule crossed over a log or something, he would not get the hard pull on his tail.  This nylon is covered with leather to match the saddle.  Now, I have designed every part of the saddle as is for a reason, the first being the front of the saddle or the swells.  I like a thirteen inch width as they are not so wide that you can't get your legs forward if needed, yet there is enough there that if a mule spooks and jumps sideways, you can still hook your thigh on it and in most cases stay in the saddle.  This is the reason I personally don't like a slick fork on a mule.  Also, a mule that may spook and spin it is very necessary to have something there to help hold you in the saddle.  Now, we raise these swells some so we can raise the front of the ground seat because on a lot of mules, the way their back is built, when you put the average saddle on them, it feels like you are riding downhill.  We use a short horn with a large horn cap that tilts forward a little so that when a mule goes uphill or jumps a log that horn is not going to drive a hole through your stomach.  Now, going to the back of the saddle, we use a three and a half inch cantle with a  Cheyenne role.  First the three and a half inch cantle is not going to cut our back in two if you have to lean back and the pocket we put in the ground seat is plenty sufficient to provide you a good pocket to set in.  Now, the Cheyenne roll not only takes the sharp edge of the cantle, but it also provides you a hand hold going down a steep incline and also if you have a mule who should decide to pitch for some reason , if you'll grab that roll with one hand and pull on the reins with the other, you can weather a pretty good storm.  We have shortened up the skirt just a little to take the wear off the kidney area.  The material used throughout is the very best that can be bought.  The tree is laminated in the swells for extra strength and is heavy rawhide covered.  It carries an eight year warranty.  The leather is Hermann Oak, the very finest you can buy.  Our skirts are covered with lambs wool of the finest quality.  We use German silver conchos as every saddle should have a little silver on it.  As each saddle is custom made, we can change anything on it to suit your personal taste.  We tool a mules head on the corners of the rear skirt and tool the corners as swell and also on the corners of the fenders.  I think you will find  it a saddle you will be proud of the rest of your life, as it is first class all the way.  Our basic saddle as described is $3245.00 plus $35.00 S&H.  We also can full tool a saddle and put on it whatever you wish so give me a call.



All orders may be placed by writing to:

Max Harsha The Mule Man
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