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Notice the show bit in the picture of the headstall. This truly is a showpiece but the most important part is it is designed for a mule. Now you say why is that, well mainly because of the mouthpiece. When I designed this bit I had a mule that was constantly wanting to put his tongue over the bit so I Thought maybe he does not like the bar laying in his tongue. I took and old bit over to the anvil and hammered the mouthpiece forward some and put it on the mule and he seemed content with that. So I had the boys who make my bits make me a bit that was nice to look at yet very practical and I wanted a little higher port to give plenty of relief for the tongue when it is picked up. I wanted swivel shanks so the bit would not be cocked in his mouth when pulled from the side. It is made of stainless with a silver concho on the side and silver overlays on top of a gray background, which is accomplished through a process done on the stainless. Making it a true work of art, the mouthpiece is covered with copper on the bars, as mules seem to like that better than anything I have tried. Your mule will love this bit plus you have a lot of control with it. Price is $105.95 plus $8.50 S&H





HARSHA MULE BIT              

Here is a bit I designed several years back to put a light mouth on a mule and still be able to have full control of him.  I had a mule in training several years ago that was very stiff necked and didn't have a bit of whoa to him or turning savvy either.  I had an old Matlock style bit that I could put in but I kept bending the shanks on it so I decided I had to come up with something better. I tried the gag bits and other contraptions of bits but I could not get the results I needed for this mule.  So, I decided to build a bit and in the process I made my prototype and cut it up and rewelded it about six times to be exact to get the right leverage I needed for the results I wanted.  Every time I changed it I would take it and try it to see if I had what I wanted and when it didn't work to suit me I went back and changed it and I finally ended up with a bit that sure enough works.  We made the shanks so they swivel so the strength of the shank comes back in the direction of the pull.   We sell about as many by word of mouth as we do by advertising.  When you first pick up on the reins it actually pushes the nose piece forward so he feels the presence of his mouth first and if he does not respond to this then the nose piece and chin strap or chain takes hold.  By applying the pressure slowly he will get the idea that if I pay attention to the light pressure on my mouth then the nose and chin piece won't get me.  This way you can make him very light in the mouth as opposed to pulling on his mouth all the time.  You can train one to back up and neck rein very easy with this bit also with the page of instructions that come with it.  The main thing is you have great control with this bit if you need it.  Price is $104.50 plus $8.50 S&H.






This book covers breeding, raising and training of mules. It tells what type of Jack stock and mare to use when breeding for different types of mules. I tell how I start them and bring them along as they get older. Probably one of the main things is how to correct many of the bad habits you may encounter with an older mule that has been spoiled or mistreated along the way. It tells how I get one over being ear shy and stop them  from kicking along with many other bad habits you might encounter. I do this without beating on them as one of the more important things is you need to gain their confidence that you are not going to hurt them. Most of the correction is by letting the mule correct himself so to speak. I also show you how to do some packing and how to get along with the mules when camping. I think you will find this little book very helpful if you have a mule.  It is $14.95 plus $2.00 S&H



Now also available in DVD format.
            $39.95 + $2.00 S&H





A fascinating book of the life and adventures of the author, Max Harsha.   You'll find once you start reading, you'll not be able to put it down.  You'll have the feeling that Max is sitting in the room with you, telling the stories as they happened.  There are many references to places and events all over the country.   From hunting in the rocky mountains to racing in the backwoods of Missouri, it is thoroughly enjoyable reading.  $13.95 plus $2.00 S&H





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